Experienced, Trustworthy, Bilingual, Private Driver in São Paulo

Bevam Miranda has been driving in São Paulo for over 40 years. He knows the city like the back of his hands. Bevam is a defensive drive with an extremely clean driving record and several reference letters from previous American expats he's worked with in the past.

Bevam Miranda

Email: bevammiranda@gmail.com
Mobile: 11 97363-8730 bevam miranda portrait

Bevam has been driving professionally for American families in São Paulo for over 6 years. He is fluent in English and a São Paulo native. He has also lived in the United States and is very accustomed to U.S culture. His immaculate driving record, comprehensive knowledge of the city and astute ability to navigate traffic will get you anywhere safely.

You can rest assured you and your family are in good hands.

In order to provide the best service and attention he typically works full-time for a single family. He's available to drive you and your family anywhere you desire, typical tasks are:

In addition to driving services he's also able to facilitate and translate for English <-> Portuguese whenever desired.

You're not only hiring a driver for you and your family, you're also hiring a bilingual local with decades of experience navigating the local culture. This knowledge and experience is paramount in keeping your family safe and comfortable.


Endorsements from Previous Employers

"Mr. Miranda performed his duties as a personal driver very well throughout his employment with me. As part of his daily duties, he provided transportation for me to various work locations throughout São Paulo, for my children to and from school and for my spouse throughout São Paulo. My children liked Mr. Miranda very well and he always treated them as if they were a part of his family. He is very dependable and was never absent from his job a very safe driver.

As an expatriate from the United States, it was particularly helpful to have had the opportunity to employ Mr. Miranda as he is also fluent in English. This made our early transition to Brazil much easier and I can’t imagine having done it without his assistance."

Heath Cruikshank
(contact information provided upon request)

"Bevam Miranda is a reliable and careful driver. He has never had any kind of accident od traffic tickets. He keeps our car in good shape as well. He knows the city very well and does his best to avoid traffic. Bevam is absolutely trustworthy and was never late or called in sick. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is kind and attentive. He is bilingual in English and Portuguese and acted as our translator upon request

Bevam Miranda is an invaluable asset to any household, and I highly recommend hiring him."

Laurie Hamilton
(contact information provided upon request)


Reference letters & contact information provided upon request.
Please reach out via email or phone to arrange for an interview.

Content Published in 2016